This space was created with intentionality, and with some very specific goals in mind.  My goal with MFGA is to create a resource that offers what is hard to find these days: honesty, transparency, real strategies for real people to become fit – not just for a season but forever – and to live their best lives.  That means helping people achieve strength and wellness not only in body, but in mind and spirit and all other facets of life. With that in mind, these are some of the things you can expect to find here at MFGA…




I value honesty very highly, and I promise you that what you get here will be the real deal. I don’t sugarcoat things, and I don’t give compliments that are not well-deserved. If I tell you that a workout is hard, or that a certain diet works, or that something is a crock of BS, you can count on that being the honest truth.  I’ll also be honest about my own struggles in terms of physical and mental health – because I’m human and I have challenges and bad days and tough seasons like anyone else – and I hope that transparency will remind you that you are not alone in struggling to get/stay as fit as you’d like, as well as give you a chance to avoid making the same mistakes I have!

Filter-free environment.

This space is about fitness for real people, which means real bodies, not the photoshopped kind. Social media and mainstream media are full of images of folks whose bodies have been sculpted and polished and perfected by extensive photo editing, lighting, makeup, and more. Our brains can’t help but normalize that kind of “ideal” look when we see it everywhere (even if we logically know that it’s the product of filters and photoshop!).  While I’m generally happy in my skin, this body ain’t perfect and it sure doesn’t look like what you’d see in a magazine! I appreciate my body and feel confident about it in spite of the imperfections, not because it is flawless or “perfect.” I want to challenge that idea that the only fit or beautiful bodies are the ones that are edited to perfection, and that starts with my own photos – so I’m committing to not use filters or other photo editing means on any of the photos I share of myself.  None of my photos shared here or on any of my social media channels (instagram, facebook) will be filtered or edited or photoshopped to change the way I look.  What you get is real, healthy, flawed, and 100% me.

Workouts that anyone can do.

Not everyone has a gym membership, and while some people love the gym, others would rather work out anywhere but the gym. Here, you’ll find workouts that you can adjust to fit the equipment you can access, as well as scale to your current ability.  That means that no matter how little or much equipment you’ve got, and no matter how new you are to working out, I’ve got workouts for you!

Nutrition help for your dietary needs.

People love to debate what diet is best – vegan, paleo, low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, organic, conventional, and anything else you can imagine.  The bad news is that there’s no one particular diet that’s best for every single individual…but the good news is that I can help you figure out which one is best for you! The resources you’ll find here will help you learn more about what different diets can do for you and how to determine the best approach to nutrition for nourishing your body and reaching your fitness goals while eating food that you genuinely enjoy!

 More than fitness.

This site is called “Making Fitness Great Again,” because part of what makes the current fitness industry less-than-great is the fact that fitness is portrayed as something that must be all-consuming and obsessive.  This is one of the biggest – if not the biggest – lie in the industry.  Fitness is a part of your lifestyle.  Workout out and eating well are parts of your life that will enhance the quality of your life in all areas.  But life is so much more than workouts and eating chicken and asparagus…and if you don’t believe me (yet), then you’re in the right place! Around here, we celebrate not only fitness, but all the wonderful things fitness allows us to do in life – have better adventures, live more fully, and embrace all life has to offer with a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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