“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

To paraphrase the iconic line from Hamlet…something is rotten in the state of today’s fitness industry.

More specifically, several things are very, very wrong with the current fitness industry and the way a lot of folks define “fitness.”  There is too much shaming, and not enough encouraging. Too much comparison, and not enough celebrating.  Too many trendy programs and not enough consistent action.  And far too many damn selfies. 

And here’s the thing – the people who promote this may very well be physically fit in the sense that they own protein shakers and Lululemon, have a relatively lean body composition, and at least look somewhat athletic.  (Don’t believe me? Scroll through instagram and search the #fitgirls or #flexfriday hashtags. I’ll wait…)  But the problem is that what they’re promoting isn’t fitness or health or athleticism.  It’s vanity and obsession and shame, all disguised as “dedication” and “passion.”

Someone needs to reclaim the word “fitness” from those who use it to describe things like half-naked ass selfies, heavily filtered flex photos, and ridiculous 30-day challenges and “cleanses.”  We need to remind the world that fitness is something that is accessible for people from all walks of life, a state that is flexible and will adapt and change through the different seasons of life.  We need more people who will show the world that fitness is defined not by bodies that appear chiseled from marble, but by bodies that can run and lift and jump and climb and live well – jiggly bits, scars, curves, and all the gamut of normal human imperfections.

The current fitness industry gives the impression that fitness is mostly reserved for elite athletes and obsessive gym rats and instagram models with freakishly good genes.

The truth?  Fitness is a gift that anyone – of any shape, any size, any age, and any level of ability and athleticism – can give themselves.  And it’s time to remind the world of that.

It’s time to make fitness great again.

That’s my mission. I hope you’ll join me. 



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